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Amy Winehouse 1983 - 2011

Fred Perry is truly saddened about the untimely passing of Amy Winehouse. Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.

Amy Winehouse 1983 To 2011

Amy Winehouse 1983 - 2011 

Inked In - Cheshire Oaks

Our Fred Perry staff are well known for their genuine interest and dedication to the brand, going beyond the call of duty and developing a personal relationship with our history and heritage. Emma Hilton at our Cheshire Oaks shop talks us through her experience with Fred Perry and why she chooses to wear her Laurel Wreath on her sleeve...

Emma Co

"I grew up in a small town in Wales. Everyone knew everyone else’s business and I never thought I'd leave. That was until I got a job at Fred Perry. Working with such a great team and such an amazing brand it opened my eyes to how much more there was out there in the world. My tattoo doesn't take too much explaining... everyone knows I love Fred Perry."

Our Cheshire Oaks Shop is based in the Outlet Village on Kinsey Road, South Wirral. For full address and shop information please visit our Shop Finder page.

The Writing's on the Wall

Currently celebrating it's 100th year, The Brentham Club in Ealing paid homage to its most famous tennis player this week with a honorary plaque dedicated to Fred Perry. After his father Sam was re-located to London for work, Fred took his passion for table tennis with him and promptly joined the Ealing club in 1919. It was here that Fred discovered lawn tennis, and practiced his game every evening before winning the club's Championship tournaments in 1926 and 1927. Ever ambitious, Fred continued to hone his skills and went on to win Wimbledon in 1934, 1935, and 1936.

Perry Mid Air

Proving that hard work and dedication pays off, Fred's plaque was unveiled by the Mayor of Ealing and the CEO of the Lawn Tennis Association Roger Draper. The CEO said it was "an absolute honour to have officially unveiled a plaque to such a sporting legend as Fred Perry”, citing The Brentham Club as being "at the heart of our sport’s efforts to encourage more people to play tennis.” The Club's centenary celebrations continued with a transportation back to 1910, with club members dressing in period tennis attire to celebrate its history; whilst 50 tennis juniors competed in a showcase of future British talent.