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British Music Experience

Nestled in London's O2 'Bubble' lies The British Music Experience; an exhibition and celebration of the nations music history with a difference - it's almost entirely interactive. On entering the experience you are given a ticket specially designed to capture notes from the many different points of information, ranging from video displays to virtual 'dinner parties' featuring key members of musical movements throughout the decades.

 Bme 1

Another highlight is the exhibition's own music studio, equipped with everything from Gibson guitars to a full drum kit. Visitors are invited to come and try any instrument they like, and can use their ticket to access a recording of their session from the BME's website once home. Dance fans can learn new moves in a specially designed booth, with virtual instructors teaching everything from Madness' moves in One Step Beyond to the Macarena. When you're finished dancing you can watch a hologram of yourself perform on screen, and swipe your ticket to allow you to access a video recording of your moves from your personal computer.

Bme 2

Not least is the experience's impressive collection of musical memorabilia and artifacts, much of which has been donated personally by the artists. Roger Daltrey's iconic white fringed stage costume from his performance with The Who at Woodstock is on display, alongside original artwork and instruments inside specially curated displays from each decade. The Spice Girls may be miffed to hear that the exhibition's smallest costume belongs to David Bowie, whose tiny outfit is rumored to fit a 12 year old child!

The British Music Experience is a registered not-for-profit charity, whose aim is to advance the education and appreciation of the art, history and science of music in Britain. For further information including opening times and directions, please visit:


Turning Over a New Wreath

You may have noticed something different about today - as well as launching many new season styles, we've also created a special area for you to browse the Laurel Wreath Collection. Intended to help you shop by giving extra information on each style as well as a detailed overview of each collection, this area will house our Men's Laurel Wreath Collection, the Women's Laurel Wreath Collection by Richard Nicoll as well as individual blank canvas projects and collaborations. 

Lwc Mens

Current highlights include a limited edition collaboration with British artist Sir Peter Blake, as well as a unique blank canvas inspired by traditional Japanese origami. Whilst we've just launched our Autumn collection, the Laurel Wreath Collection is gaining rather than shedding leaves this season. Aside from the iconic M12 and M3 shirts, all Laurel Wreath styles will now feature our 30 leaf Laurel Wreath branding, rather than the smaller 16 leaf variation. By adding this distinctive branding the Laurel Wreath Collection stands out as the cutting edge in Fred Perry style.