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Henry Rollins - Royal Festival Hall

There aren't many men who can match the breadth of Henry Rollins' CV. Best known for his role as frontman for seminal punk band Black Flag; Rollins has also appeared in over 20 films including David Lynch's Lost Highway, as well as publishing numerous books on topics ranging from travel to political commentary. On Friday 20th January, Rollins returns to the Royal Festival Hall with a spoken word set, following a sold-out show in 2010.

Pics Henry Rollins

Promising to be a mix of humour and indignation, pop culture and personal anecdotes; the punk icons shows have a reputation for being equal parts comic monologue and spine chilling confessions.

You can book tickets for the London show HERE via the Southbank Centre website.

Henry will also be appearing at various UK and European locations from 12th Jan - 16th Feb 2012, before taking his show to the states. For a full list of shows, click HERE.

Dance Craze - Rudeboys on the Road

Writer and musician Garry Bushell has released the book Dance Craze - Rudeboys on the Road following the birth of the Two-Tone movement in the late 70s and 80s. In 1979, pop was getting dull again. Everyone said it was time for a new dance, but no-one expected it to come from Coventry. The 2-Tone revolution, led by the Specials, took the pop world by surprise with their infectious mix of Ska rhythms and punk attitude. Madness and The Selecter followed close on their heels. Within a matter of months the 2-Tone bands had stolen hearts and conquered the charts with a non-stop procession of unforgettable hits: ‘Gangsters’, ‘A Message To You Rudy’, ‘Too Much Too Young’, ‘The Prince’, ‘One Step Beyond’, ‘My Girl’, ‘Too Much Pressure’...the list goes on.

Dance Craze 1

“Your last chance to dance before World War Three,” Specials singer, Terry Hall called it. An exaggeration of course, but 2-Tone did serve up the most perfect pop music since Trojan reggae had dominated the UK Top Ten a decade before. And the bands kept coming - Bad Manners, The Beat, The Bodysnatchers. Even Judge Dread came back. Garry Bushell, who wrote the original Dance Craze magazine, was the first rock writer to see the Specials live, the first to interview Madness and the first to watch the bands attempt to export their magic to the USA. This is his funny, informative and affectionate history of the rise and fall and rise again of the Rude Boys.

Dance Craze - Rudeboys on the Road is available now through Acid Jazz Records. You can click to buy HERE