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A Chat with The Scootographer

Seventeen year old Dominic is a student and talented photographer, with a specialty in taking unique shots of scooters and scooterists at events and rallies. Having already grown a keen following, we chatted to Dom about being a young Mod on the scene, his favourite shots and life as 'The Scootographer'.

The Scootographer 2

I don’t think there is any single explanation of how I got into the mod and scooter scene. I just love the music, clothes, scooters and style. I’m usually one of the youngest at events, although Brighton seemed to have a few people around my age, which was good to see.

The cost of buying and insuring a scooter means I don’t actually own one yet, as it would be too expensive for me at the moment, particularly as I am focusing on my photography business and college studies. I suppose the ideal thing would be for someone to donate me a scooter in return for some photography work!

The Scootographer 1

I do also believe that if the previous generation mods really want to keep the scene alive they should consider selling scooters to my generation without making too much profit, that might sound naive to some people but it's a serious point.

Although it’s very hard to choose a favourite scooter image (as I have taken so many) It was amazing to get a photograph of a manta ray swimming beneath me in the red sea earlier this year. If I had to choose one particular moment it was the photo shoot I did for Graham Webb and his 'Quadrophenia' Lambretta in Brighton (below).

The Scootographer Bw

People might find it hard to believe, but I don’t have a favourite photographer and I don’t think anyone in particular has influenced my style. I sometimes have a look on Flickr as there are a lot of talented photographers on there so I get some ideas and pick things up from Flickr.

I like to listen to music whilst I edit. It’s hard to choose my favourite tracks but my favourite bands include The Specials, The Stone Roses, The Jam, Oasis, The Maytals and The Kinks. I also like a bit of Mod reggae and Motown.

I couldn’t live without my Fred Perry coat. It’s a green parka/cagoule style coat and I wear it almost every day for college as it’s smart but casual and it’s also waterproof unlike any of my other jackets.

I have recently been working on some product photography for Supernova scarves, an online company who sell hand made scarves and pocket hankies. I will be in London at some point in November for a planned photo shoot on Carnaby Street. We are going to recreate a modern version of a famous photograph/scene from the film Quadrophenia.

My plan for 2013 is to travel with my camera throughout the UK and to certain parts of Europe. I would really like to visit Italy as It’s a place I have always wanted to go to.

You can see more of Dom's work on his website, Facebook and Twitter pages.