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Anarchy Becomes Archaeology?

An academic at The University of York has caused a stir in the world of archaeology, by suggesting that graffiti created by the Sex Pistols in the late 70s should be preserved as a heritage site. Dr John Schofield from the Department of Archaeology has suggested that the graffiti should be regarded in the same way as we appreciate ancient cave murals; and that the discovery of the scribbles could be just as significant as the unearthing of early Beatles material, as it captures "a direct and powerful representation of a radical and dramatic movement of rebellion."

Sex Pistols Graff











The majority of the graffiti appears to come from John Lydon - better known as Johnny Rotten - and features the band as well as other recognisable figures such as their late manager Malcolm Mclaren. Researchers have flocked to the graffiti; discovered behind cabinets in an office building on Denmark St, to determine whether it should be preserved with a blue plaque, as is traditional for sites of national heritage. Whilst a conclusion is yet to be made, many agreed that, whilst the graffiti could be considered crude and offensive in parts, it should remain as a site of historical and cultural importance.


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