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In Focus: The Camouflage Waxed Bomber

Subverting a classic, the made in England tennis bomber is recontextualised this season, with a printed British DPM camouflage pattern and a Stewart tartan lining. Our sporting heritage combines with strong subcultural references, resulting in a unique interpretation of the iconic silhouette and an unexpected pairing of two decidedly British patterns.

Waxed Camouflage Jacket

Whilst tartans were historically worn to serve as a symbol of distinction, allowing the wearer to be recognised, British DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) was designed to disguise, ensuring the wearer blended into the surroundings. Officially used by British forces as well as many other armies worldwide, particularly in former British colonies; the pattern made the ironic transition from military uniform to subculture uniform in a matter of decades.

Material Swatch - Waxed Camouflage Jacket

Camouflage rose to prominence during the 1960s as part of the counterculture appropriation of military surplus clothing. In stark contrast to its intended purpose, anti-war protestors took to adding peace signs and symbolic writings to their jackets. The rebellious links to the pattern continued to flourish during the late 1970s and 80s, particularly within anti-establishment punk and skinhead movements.

Pocket Detail - Waxed Camouflage Jacket

Although commonly associated with the 80s uniform of bleached jeans, braces and button up shirts, British DPM has continued to play a part in music-driven subcultures right up until today; be it the 90s Junglist kids, techno heads or 60s revivalists. A truly cultural phenomenon, in a reverse of its intended purpose, camouflage print has been used by generations not only to establish uniformity amongst each other, but to communicate individual ideas, values and beliefs.

Label Detail - Waxed Camouflage Jacket

Crafted in waxed British Millerain quality cloth, the camouflage bomber jacket has been produced in highly limited quantities and is available exclusively online and in Laurel Wreath Collection shops.

The Godfather of Ska Opens his Wardrobe...

Earning the accolade of ‘The Godfather of Ska’, Laurel Aitken has been recognised as one of the most exciting artists of the past hundred years, being at the forefront of the Raggae, Ska, 2-Tone and Skinhead movements. Famous for tracks such as Skinhead Invasion and Scandal in Brixton Market, Laurel moved to Leicester in 1970 and worked hard to inspire and motivate young musicians.

Laurel Aitken

 Paying homage to the artist this month is Ska with Laurel an exhibition curated by the New Walk museum in Leicester showcasing the life and work of Laurel Aitken.

Ska With Laurel

A large focus of the exhibition is Laurel’s stage costumes – from sequined blazers to classic pork pie hats, the artist’s clothing was always as fresh as his music. Laurel and the pioneers of the Ska movement spurred a new fashion scene as many were inspired by their sharp and subversive style – a look which is still championed today.

Ska with Laurel is taking place until the 8th of May 2011 at the New Walk Museum, Leicester.