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At 20 years old, Char "Mod" Farrow is the youngest member of Foresters Scooter Club. Foresters was originally a Vespa-only club, founded in Wanstead back in 1957. Fifty seven years later Foresters is now open to all scooter makes and types, and meets weekly in Woodford, North East London.

We asked Charlotte, a dedicated Mod since the age of 12, to compile a November playlist of ten tracks inspired by the key autumn jacket – the iconic parka.

Charlotte says - "I picked these ten songs as I feel they show how music associated with the Mod subculture has progressed from the late fifties.

Soul and Motown were the origins of the Mod movement, and the music that started it all. Soul was an interesting new sound from America that arrived alongside new fashions and scooters from Italy - it all just clicked together!

Personally, I really relate to the songs by The Who, Small Faces and Kinks. These bands were directly influenced by Motown, but added a raw edge into their songs. Their lyrics are mainly about growing up, falling in love and life, and I think that everyone can relate to them.

Groups like The Jam and Oasis still have a Motown link in the way their lyrics were written, but with a much tougher edge. They are songs that really make you want to rebel against everything and show everyone that you can do things and look after yourself, even when deep down inside you know you can't!

I've Had Enough by The Who features the lyric - I ride a GS scooter with my hair cut neat, I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet - you can't get more Mod than that!" 

The Small Faces - Hey Girl

The Who - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

The Kinks - You Do Something to Me

The Contours - First I Look At The Purse

The Jam - The Eton Rifles

Mitty Collier - My Babe

Oasis - Supersonic

Secret Affair - Time For Action

Tiny Topsy - Just A Little Bit

The Who - I've Had Enough


Pictured above - Charlotte's parka. With her name and town "Char Loughton" painted on. This also corresponds to what is written on her scooter fly-screen. 

On wearing her parka, Char says - "To me wearing a parka is just a way to rebel against everyone, and be individual. I think that anyone has owned a parka at some point will agree as soon as you put one on, you can't help but walk with a bit more swagger and pretend you are Jimmy from Quadrophenia or Liam Gallagher from Oasis! They make you feel a bit invincible!"

Find out more about Foresters Scooter Club HERE

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Fifty Years of The Who by Colin Jones

London's Proud Galleries opens with a new exhibition this month, featuring a retrospective by photographer Colin Jones of iconic British band The Who. Whilst photographing the group, Jones built up a friendship with the band, gaining unlimited access to them on the road, backstage and at home.

In a series of intimate shots, Jones captures Keith Moon thrashing riotously at his drums, Pete Townshend sitting in front of the guitars he destroyed while performing and a candid shot of John Entwistle practising the guitar whilst his mother darns his socks.

Waiting To Go On Stage, Manchester, 1966 - © Colin Jones

Pete Townshend, London, 1966 - © Colin Jones

John Entwistle With His Mother Queenie At His Home, West London, 1966 - © Colin Jones

The exhibition is a must-see for fans and photography lovers alike, shedding new light on a band regarded as one of the most important British rock groups of all time. Hosted at Proud's Camden gallery space, the exhibit opens on the 6th February and will run until 23rd March 2014.

New Book - The Who by Marcus Hearn

Writer and journalist Marcus Hearn has created new book THE WHO (Titan Books, July 2012) which traces the progress of the seminal band from their status as sharp-suited mods, to psychedelic stars and pioneers of rock opera. Hearn - who previously wrote the story of the Beatles’ final world tour Eight Days a Week – followed the multi-million record selling band on the road and during several iconic TV and festival performances.

THE WHO by Marcus Hearn (Titan Books, July 2012)

THE WHO by Marcus Hearn (Titan Books, July 2012)

The captivating book contains over 160 rare and unseen images, ranging from live shots of the group's pub gigs from the summer of 1964 to the Isle of Wight Festival, the Marquee Club and 2005's Live 8. Available now via Titan Books, priced £14.99.