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The Art of a Warrior Tribe

The Gildar Gallery in Denver, Colorado is offering a candid look at the West Coast punk scene through a selection of photographs by Richard Peterson - a former photographer for cult San Francisco punk zine Search and Destroy. Having gained unrivalled access to many of the scene's most notorious luminaries including Iggy Pop, the Avengers and the Weirdos; curator Adam Lerner notes that "Peterson is interested in much more than rockers on a stage. He captured the scene, the world that surrounded the musicians, with an eye to what made it enchanted and unexpected.”

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop by Richard Peterson, 1978

The Weirdos

The Weirdos by Richard Peterson, 1977

The Avengers

The Avengers by Richard Peterson, 1978

Whilst the origin of punk has often been disputed, it is thought that the movement emerged in the mid 1970’s in major cities in the US, UK and Australia. Born as a reaction to what was seen as a return in dominant culture of conspicuous consumerism, punk quickly spread, primarily through the medium of music, to other regions around the world promoting nonconformity and a DIY ethic. While much of American punk history has focused on East Coast scenes particularly in New York City, a wholly unique form of punk emerged with fervour across the country in San Francisco and Los Angeles. These California punks, while aware and influenced by their long distance counterparts, drew upon their immediate surroundings to develop a wholly identifiable look, sound and vision.

The Art of a Warrior Tribe captures this DIY ethic with Peterson's photographs supported by objects created by visual artists, musicians, and writers who the photographer has identified as deeply influential to him. Contributions span from major art world figures like Bruce Connor, to musicians turned visual artists like Moritz Reichelt, Penelope Houston (Avengers), David J (Bauhaus), Fritz Fox (Mutants), Steven Thomsen (Monitor) and Jeff Raphael (The Nuns).

Richard Peterson and the Art of a Warrior Tribe will run from now until 21st April 2012.

Gildar Gallery, 82 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80209. Click HERE for further info.