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Buddy Whippet Shoe


The best sports footwear allows you to show more than just your moves. We’ve collaborated with the new Japanese brand Buddy who are famous at home for their ethos of “Make Happy” and their short-runs of all-handmade and finished shoes and bags, which use luxury fabrics but thoughtfully designed to still be durable. For the Whippet, Buddy started with a tennis shoe cup sole and added high foxing for an on-trend, tall profile, picking a high gloss ‘glass leather’ for the upper, with a Derby-style closure for a sleek, smart look. Buddy is still rare in the UK and we’re proud to add our twin tipping on the heel loop, and our Laurel Wreath alongside Buddy’s own marque on the leather lace patch.

  • Style No. SB6006


  • micro thumb

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